What is the real extent of wage and super theft?

Who knows how much in wages and superannuation is being ripped from the pockets of Queensland workers?

A State Parliament report from 2018 estimated around $1.1 billion a year in wages alone, with around another $1.3 billion in super going missing.

Huge corporate players such as Woollies, Wesfarmers and SuperCheapAuto have come out in recent days admitting to having “underpaid” workers by hundreds of millions of dollars.

These recently revealed rip-offs must swell the real amount in wages stolen from hardworking Queenslanders and their families.

There’s more wage theft going on below the surface than you can see.

We need tougher laws to stamp out wage theft and punish dodgy bosses.

The federal government keeps talking about action but the real extent of wage theft figure grows larger every day.

Queensland Unions are supporting the push for stronger laws and a practical system that works to reveal and stop wage theft.

We need these changes before workers sink below the rising tide of increasing costs and low wage growth.

Do you have an experience of wage theft?

Tell us your story in the form below so we can add it to our case studies for the Senate inquiry into wage theft to be held later this year.

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