Workers docked wages for customers who walk out

Queensland Unions have expressed concerns over recent reports about hospitality behemoth The Mantle Group recouping wages from workers who had customers walk out without paying from their busy restaurants.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Michael Clifford was scathing about the practice of docking wages for “runners”.

“This is just another form of wage theft that we see far too often, especially with young people.”

Queensland Unions have been collecting stories of wage theft to make a submission to a federal Senate inquiry by mid-February 2020.

“The wage theft inquiry in Queensland last year exposed that there was around $1.2 billion stolen from workers each year, and this is just another example of that problem,” he told media.

“We need serious action to stop this theft – and it needs to be on a number of levels,” he said.

“There needs to be better education for workers and for business, there needs to be easier access for workers to be able to recover wages that are stolen, and we need to criminalise this activity,” he said.

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