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Wage theft is running rampant. Bosses all over the country are paying their workers less than their legal rate, and pocketing the difference.

A Senate inquiry in 2020 will examine how to end this scourge. Tell us your story so we might use it in our submission to the Inquiry. Help us stop wage theft!

We need your help! If you are or have been a victim of wage theft please tell us your story through our confidential and safe form. Do any of these apply to you:

  • Being paid less than the wage you are entitled to;
  • Not receiving superannuation payments you are entitled to;
  • Employers failing to provide you with a proper payslip showing superannuation and tax;
  • Employers requesting you get an Australian Business Number (ABN) to work for them as an “independent contractor” when you should be paid a wage;
  • A boss asking you to pay back some of your wages;
  • You are entitled to penalty rates but they are not being paid; and
  • Being asked to consistently undertake work tasks that should be performed by a worker on a higher classification.

All these can be signs that your boss is underpaying you, or failing to pay your legal entitlements. Let us know!

Right now we have a federal LNP Government that wants to turn a blind eye to the billions stolen from workers every year.

Australians have been shocked about the stories of multinationals like Woolworths, 7-Eleven and Caltex, big banks, as well as high profile restaurant chains and their owners, being exposed over wage theft involving millions of dollars!

The federal government has been forced to follow Queensland’s lead and will hold a national senate inquiry into wage theft.

This inquiry will consider what we already know about the extent of wage theft, and consider how to take real action to stamp out this scourge.

Research shows that wage theft is especially prevalent for workers already receiving the minimum wage – that’s just $19.49 per hour for full-time or part-time permanent workers, or $24.36 per hour for casual workers. These workers are already our lowest paid and then face being ripped off by greedy bosses!

Let’s end the wage theft epidemic!

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    Who knows how much in wages and superannuation is being ripped from the pockets of Queensland workers? A State Parliament report from 2018 estimated around $1.1 billion a year in wages alone, with around another $1.3 billion in super going
    The Morrison Government is moving forward with legislation to provide an amnesty for all theft of superannuation since the first day of the superannuation system - a move which has sparked vocal opposition from unions. Industry Super Australia has previously
    News is emerging today of a top-tier law firm under review for underpaying its own junior lawyers while it represents supermarket giant Woolworths currently embroiled in a $300 million wage theft case. The Australian Financial Review reports that "the same
    Queensland Unions have expressed concerns over recent reports about hospitality behemoth The Mantle Group recouping wages from workers who had customers walk out without paying from their busy restaurants. Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Michael Clifford was scathing about
    Woolworths' admission last year that it has underpaid workers $300 million over a decade by incorrectly applying the Award to salaried staff remains a wake-up call for the industry and for the Government. Where workers are paid an annualised salary
    A landmark study has found wage theft is endemic across Australia with a quarter of international students and a third of backpackers earning $12 or less per hour, around half the legal minimum wage.
    Australian workers have lost out on more than $17 billion in superannuation payments since 2009 from shonky operators and businesses now at the centre of tax office and government probes.