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Wage theft is running rampant in Australia today. Bosses all over the country are paying their workers less than their legal rate, and pocketing the difference.

Right now we have a federal LNP Government that wants to turn a blind eye to the billions stolen from workers every year.

Australians have been shocked about the stories of multinationals like 7-Eleven and Caltex allowing their operators to steal from their workers.

That is why it is great news that the Palaszczuk Labor Government is holding an inquiry into wage theft in Queensland.

An inquiry will show just how widespread this problem remains, and how it needs to be treated as the crime that it is.

Research shows that wage theft is especially prevalent for workers already receiving the minimum wage – that’s just $18.93 per hour for full-time or part-time permanent workers, or $23.66 per hour for casual workers. These workers are already our lowest paid and then face being ripped off by greedy bosses!

We need your help! If you are or have been a victim of wage theft please tell us your story through our confidential and safe form.

  • It may be through dodgy cash-in-hand jobs. Or through the gig economy?
  • Were you required to get an ABN for your job? Are you technically an “Independent Contractor” except everything feels like a normal job, but you’re not getting super, sick leave or annual leave?
  • Do you get paid but then your boss says you have to pay back some of your wages
  • If you believe you are entitled to penalty rates, but they are not being paid
  • Does your boss fail to provide you with a proper payslip showing superannuation and tax?

All these can be signs that your boss is underpaying you, or failing to pay your legal entitlements. Let us know!


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